• LTR005

Nils Frahm and Frederic Gmeiner already discovered their common interest in audio recordings at primary school in Hamburg. They produced their own radio show, in which they mixed schoolyard noises, teachers‘ voices and their own sound experiments with children instruments and recorded them on tape. In the summer of 1989, East German schoolboy Sebastian Singwald spent two weeks at Frahm and Gmeiner’s school during an exchange. He arrived with his own shabby tape recorder, which immediately intrigued Frahm and Gmeiner and brought the three boys together…

Many years later, the trio met again in Berlin, started making music together again, and released ‘The Gamble’ under the moniker Nonkeen. Following the debut album, they put out a limited edition vinyl only single. As it often occurs that actually multiple speeds work for one and the same Nonkeen track, it’s hard sometimes for the band to initially decide in what speed recorded tracks should be played back. Thus, ‘33/45’ features two tracks from ‘The Gamble’ album cut loud on each side of a 12” – and Nonkeen highly invites the listeners to setup the record player in any desired speed, deciding themselves which tempo works best for ears and mind.

The single comes housed in a sleeve featuring photographs by Klaus Frahm, the last copies of the original pressing released by R&S Records in 2016 are available at the LEITER store.