• LTR033
    The Caretaker
    An empty bliss beyond this World
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Following up on the digital release of his masterpiece ‘Everywhere at the end of time’, LEITER is proud to share another acclaimed work by The Caretaker – the longest-running, best-known project by Manchester-born ambient musician Leyland James Kirby – via all streaming platforms.

‘An empty bliss beyond this World’, which was first shared in June 2011, garnered critical praise upon its release and earned several year-end accolades. Pitchfork ranked it among the best albums of the first half of the decade and called it the 14th best ambient album of all time. Created by layering and editing samples from old 78s, the record was inspired by a study suggesting that Alzheimer’s patients have an easier time remembering information when it’s placed in the context of music. Arguably The Caretaker’s most coveted and cherished venture into the haunted ballroom of the subconscious, the album has been wholly unavailable on streaming platforms until now. Alongside further digital releases of his works, LEITER now changed this and made the 15-track collection available on all platforms.