• PD003
    Piano Day
    Compilation Vol. 3
PD003_Piano Day Vol. 3_Cover

Observed across the globe, Piano Day – first held in 2015 – provokes concerts, onstage and online, as well as radio shows, podcasts, and playlists every March. The most joyous of all holidays, celebrated on the 88th day of each year to reflect the number of keys on a piano’s keyboard, invites everyone to participate – and of course, it invariably brings new music with it. Following up on last year’s releases, LEITER again shares an official companion album for the 2024 edition, featuring acclaimed artists Hideyuki Hashimoto, Jean Kapsa, Hugar, Burçe KaracaJakob Lindhagen, Alaskan Tapes, Hugar, Patrik Berg Almkvisth, Paula Präktig and Tania Giannouli.

For the new compilation, musicians from all over the globe were invited to contribute to a unique collection of contemporary piano music. Their melodies, harmonies, and arrangements reflect different stories, states of mind, even special recording situations, spanning a wide range of musical and artistic backgrounds from jazz, ambient, and classical to more experimental approaches.

‘Piano Day Vol. 3’ is available for streaming and download via all platforms, offering a vivid and valuable snapshot of the state of piano music today.