• LTR034
    The Caretaker
    Patience (After Sebald)
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Following up on the digital release of his most renowned masterpieces ‘Everywhere at the end of time’ and ‘Everywhere, an empty bliss’, LEITER is proud to share another acclaimed work by The Caretaker via all streaming platforms.

‘Patience (After Sebald)’, released in 2012, serves as a sonic companion to the eponymous film directed by Grant Gee. The acclaimed documentary explores the work of German writer W.G. Sebald, with a particular focus on his novel ‘The Rings of Saturn’.

The Caretaker’s music on this album is deeply atmospheric, creating a haunting and introspective soundscape. It skillfully captures the contemplative and melancholic themes found in Sebald’s writing. The album’s unique approach to sound design immerses listeners in a dreamlike and introspective experience, making ‘Patience (After Sebald)’ a poignant journey into themes of memory, time, and the intricacies of the human psyche.

Drawing inspiration from Franz Schubert’s 1827 composition ‘Winterreise’, The Caretaker employs his signature perplexing processes. He transforms the source material, smudging and rubbing isolated fragments into a dust-caked haze of plangent keys, strangely resolved loops, and de-pitched vocals. The result is a haunting and atmospheric soundscape that mirrors the ethereal nature of Sebald’s literary world, with elements fading in and out, much like memories.